Paul Williamson

Are you trying to break 100, or 90, or 80 but feel stuck at a level?

Are you frustrated and angry at putting in time and effort into practice only to still be shooting the same scores?

Are you sick to death of spending money on new clubs hoping they could be the ‘secret’ to only to find out they are not?

Do you want to learn to play ‘golf’ rather than learn a ‘golf swing’?

Do you want lower scores but just don’t have the time to practice due to work, kids, life etc?

Have you had countless lessons that have still not improved your scores?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions then coaching from Paul Williamson will help. 

Paul is a Certified PGA of Australia member - Advanced in Coaching and Management and is now based at Emerald Lakes Golf Coaching Centre on the Gold Coast, Australia 

He is a lower golf scores specialist. He has been coaching regular golfers just like YOU to lower scores for the past 20+ years all over Australia and Overseas. He has played in hundreds of pro-ams and corporate golf days with thousands of regular golfers just like YOU. This experience has refined his ability to quickly diagnose why you are not shooting the scores you want on the course. He will take you out for a 9 hole playing assessment where he can measure where the true strengths and weaknesses are in your game. He will then give you some simple strategies and thinking that you can apply straight away on the course, and during practice. If followed, these strategies will reduce your scores! 

If you think this kind of coaching may be what you need, then please feel free to call Paul to have a conversation about what your challenges are. If he can help you further, he’ll tell you how, but there’s no pressure. His contact details are below. or click on the below links to get to know him a bit better first.You can also view some of his tips on facebook and youtube via the links below. 


PGA of Australia Certified Professional

Advanced - Coaching - Management 

Coaching - Fitting - Repairs - Corporate Days 

0411 230 374 

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Paul Williamson Golf - facebook link –


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Full Career Biography link - file:///C:\Users\willo\OneDrive\Golf\Paul%20Williamson%20Biography%202019%20brief.docx




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