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The game of golf is experiencing a boom period, with more and more kids discovering the excitement of a day at the golf course with their friends. New facilities that offer children affordable memberships to play the game are being constructed throughout the country and the world.

Getting Your Kids Started In Golf

But what is the best way to get your kids started in golf? Here are some tips for parents on how to attract their youngsters to play this “game for a lifetime.”

Ideally, your son or daughter will approach you one day and express an interest in learning to play golf. You may have to cultivate that interest in them, because you appreciate the qualities that golf embodies and want your children to share those experiences. You, the parent, are the person who must provide access and offer encouragement to your children.

One of the keys to getting your child interested in golf is finding a program that they enjoy participating in. Select a program that nurtures their interest and stresses having fun. Emerald Lakes Golf Coaching Centre offer several of these programs.

Ultimately, parents are the catalyst to the growth of their child’s interest in golf. A visit to the driving range where you and your child can spend time together is an excellent way to get started. Invite some of your child’s friends along so that they associate golf with fun. Unless you are qualified to teach, don’t worry too much about instructing your child. Just make sure that he or she gets an opportunity to hit some balls and enjoy the exercise.

Once a strong foundation has been developed, a visit to your local course or Par 3 course is warranted. Try to play in non-peak hours so that your child is not subject to the pressures of pace of play requirements of a busy facility.

Children learn by imitation, so encourage watching a PGA or LPGA event on TV. If you should have a tour event in your local area, go to the course. The crowds and excitement of big time golf are great magnets for a young person’s imagination.

Many recreation departments and most public golf facilities offer junior programs and camps (usually in the school holiday periods). One advantage of utilising these programs is the social interaction that your child experiences with the other children participating. Kids learn that golf is a social game played by rules of conduct and proper etiquette.

For advanced juniors who show an interest, junior tournaments are a great way to test their skills. It is important that participation in tournaments is the child’s idea. Access and encouragement are two important things that parents can provide to their children to help them learn and enjoy golf.

If you want to learn how to get your child into golf, call Tom Linskey on 0412 072 145 anytime and he will arrange a time to meet with you and show you how much fun it will be for your child to learn and play golf.

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